Thursday, March 22, 2012

Countdown: 60 Days!

There's now less than 2 months until I fly to Orlando! I can't wait! I'm making plans to sell my TV, bike and mini-fridge. I'm also mentally packing my suitcases.
I can't wait!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random pictures

 I loved working in Fantasyland on Pooh Side!
 Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum!
 Wall-E and Eve!
A sweet Rafiki tattoo
 My favorite!
I love this Simba tattoo
I'll be there in 65 days!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Things I didn't know about Disney World

In Mexico at Epcot, there's a free postcard creator station to the left of the Kidcot station. Electronic postcards, but still.

In one of China's shops, there's an old copper bowl that might make some magic. Ask a Cast Member how to make it sing.

Look for the Beauty and the Beast art in France's perfume shop, and Remy in the wine shop.

At Hollywood Studios in front of the Great Movie Ride theatre, look for George Lucas, Dick Van Dyke, Roger Rabbit, C-3PO, Leonard Nimoy, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse.

Look for Gene Kelly's umbrella to the right of the San Fransisco backdrop.

These were found in the book named "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World" by Susan Veness

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disney love

 Beast, Belle, and Kelly Clarkson!
 I found this tshirt on etsy, and I want it.
 The voice of Woody, Tom Hanks, and Woody!
 Disney Princesses, Animator's Collection dolls. Belle and Mulan are my favorites.
I love this!

Things to know about the College Program

-You will learn to speak a completely different language.
CP - You.
ICP - International kids. They're wonderful.
ER - Early Release from work.
EPCOT - Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday
-Vista Way, Patterson and Chatham are the apartment complexes where you can live. ICPs live in the Commons. Vista Way is the cheapest (just for a 3 bedroom) but the oldest.
-Traditions is amazing.
-You will probably hate your costume. At least at first.
-Brazilian guests will expect you to speak Portuguese. You don’t. They do.  It sucks sometimes.
-You will make the greatest friends ever.
-You will be working a ton and getting paid minimum wage for it. Accept it.
-You’re going to want a car.
-Your 20% Cast Member discount is amazing! Your 40%-50% holiday discount is even better.
-You will want to buy everything.
-You will probably spend all your money. Try not to. Most CPs come home in debt.
-You will never get tired of playing in the parks.
-Work is based on a point system. With write-ups. Those are really bad. Try not to get any. I left my first CP with 1.5 points on my record card.
-Always go to work. You get 2 days off a week. It's not worth calling out.
-If you get termed from Disney, it's hard to get work with the company again.
-There are a ton of rules when it comes to housing. Follow all of them, or you might get termed.
-You will get homesick. No exceptions.
-Take pictures. Of everything.
-House of Blues is the best. Techno on Sundays, Salsa on Tuesdays. Disney Cast Members get in for free, and girls get free drinks till midnight. I went almost every time, and loved it.
-Take advantage of all the things you can do and go to for free. Your white Disney ID is fantastic.
-They’re “guests”, not “customers”. Some of them are really rude. But you have to smile and be courteous to all.
-You will learn to talk to strangers. About anything.
-You will offer to take someone’s picture without even thinking about it.
-The Disney Point. Once you learn it, it never goes away. ‎

My Timeline

January 24: Applied and did the web-based interview. Got an email a few minutes after the web-based interview to schedule my phone interview.
Janaury 30: Phone interview, 8:15am. The interview lasted less than 10 minutes. Got the ‘Thank you for Interviewing’ email a few hours later.

February 8: Received my ‘Congratulations!’ email! Fall Advantage 2012, Character Attendant!

February 14: Paid the $300 in fees, and picked my arrival date, May 21.
I also got the ‘Request for Additional Information’ email, where I had to tell them my date of birth.

February 17: Got the ‘Welcome to the Disney College Program Team!’ e-mail.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Meeting Br'er Fox

When my friend Brooke and I were wandering around Epcot, the doors next to the UK Pavilion were open for the first time-that I had seen. We immediately went in, and saw a plethora of characters! I met Mickey, Suzy and Perla (the mice from Cinderella), and Br'er Fox. I was thrilled, it was the first and only time I had met the Fox. So of course, I met him twice. The second time, he proposed. I accepted.