Friday, February 10, 2012

Visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time

I visited London over this Christmas break, for three weeks. It was amazing. I also went to Paris for three days in early January, and spent a day at Disneyland Paris, which was very different from Disney World. However, it was lovely to be surrounded by Disney-familiar things again. I loved Toy Story Playland, Sleeping Beauty's castle, the Storybook Boat Ride, and the castle lighting, "Princess Aurora's Christmas Wish." I even got to kiss Captain Jack Sparrow and Flynn Rider!
 He's going to eat me!
 Chernabog! From Fantasia! On the Storybook boat ride
 About to enter the Cave of Wonders
 Meeting Belle, after waiting in line at the Princess Pavilion for an hour
 Aladdin and Jasmine at the Stars and Cars parade
 Gaston! Cruella! The Queen!
 In Walt Disney Studios
 Beautiful castle
 Mickey's Winter Wonderland show
 Rubbing the magic lamp
 Disney pointing at the entrance to Fantasyland
 A hug from Rapunzel
The castle lighting show, Princess Aurora's Christmas Wish

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