Monday, February 20, 2012

More CP Tips

You can’t decorate the walls except for one bulletin board, so bring one of those- or wait until you get down here to get one. And buy a huge one! They never say there’s a limit on size so some people got the biggest boards possible.

Have a plan with food. Our room put our initials on any food we wanted to be ours only, and the blank food was “community”.

TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH. It only takes a second, don’t let it get full and continue to pile on top of it. Your visitors will judge you.

Set a rule in your apartment about noise- how late can people come over? And if they can come over anytime, do they have to stay in your room or is the living area okay as long as you’re quiet?

If you have a lot of stuff to bring, just remember you can always buy things for your room once you get down here!...Me and my roommate each got a lamp so if one person was trying to sleep, and the other was staying up, the main light didn’t have to be on… An electrical outlet, and a white board to write notes about our whereabouts to each other that we had just leaning against our mirror on our dresser.

The place comes with a dresser to share, two nightstands, two beds (in each room).

With food, buy things that make sense! And that can go together. My favorite things were the steamers vegetables to use as a side dish to chicken, or other meals. I made a lot of the frozen meals that you just throw into a skillet, and usually those were made for two so I could save some for later! PACK YOUR LUNCH. Trust me, you’ll save so much money. Imagining paying for lunch each time five days a week? Yeah it’s crazy.

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