Saturday, February 18, 2012

Living the Disney World life

The first night I worked Wishes in 2010, the fireworks show, I was on the castle ramps. I saw a proposal happen less than a foot away from me. It was decidedly magical.

I have one ride to do at Epcot- Test Track.
I conquered all of Hollywood Studios. I just need to ride the new version of Star Tours!
I have 2 rides left at Magic Kingdom-Splash Mountain, and the Liberty Square Riverboat.
I have one ride left at Animal Kingdom-Kali River Rapids.

I've swing danced with Goofy, met every princess, danced with Woody, cried at the Lion King show every time, taught little girls the princess wave and the princess stance, moms have hugged me, little girls have hugged me, I've been on every rollercoaster at Disney World, I've seen giraffes less than a foot away from me, I've seen baby elephants and kissed Donald Duck. I ate at all 28 booths during the Food and Wine Festival, and made friends in the UK pavilion. I wore shorts and a t-shirt on Thanksgiving because it was 80 degrees and sunny. I cried when I met Belle for the first time, went swimming at 1am in October at the pool, played in the ocean in September, sang along to Sweet Caroline at Jellyrolls, saw a double rainbow at the Boardwalk, discovered the best sandwich at Earl of Sandwich, rode Winnie the Pooh 3 times during work one night, and watched Holiday Wishes at the white sand beach at the Polynesian while eating a pineapple and vanilla Dole Whip.

Pure magic.

Good quotes from guests: At the teacups, mother to daughter: "Honey, stop spinning that teacup right now!"

A little boy: "Mommy! Look! Bubbles!"
His mom to me: "This is the most excited he's been all day."

An older man: "What's that tree?"
Me: "It's the Hundred Acre woods!"
Older man: "Oh...that would make sense, seeing as we're outside Winnie the Pooh."

Me: "Come on, folks! Please keep moving in as far as you can! As far as you can! Make friends with the people next to you! It's a minute and 30 seconds until the next ride! Shortest wait you'll have all day! Please keep moving all the way down! All the way down, thank you! Hey buddy, can I get a high five? What a beautiful dress, Princess! Folks, keep moving all the way down, thank you!"

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