Friday, February 17, 2012

Housing Prices

If you're on the College Program, it's kind of a given that you live in the CP apartments. I lived in Chatham my first program, and my 2 bedroom apartment cost $99/week, I think.

I also included the number of bathrooms in each apartment, because when you're sharing a room and everyone works in the morning (and likes to shower in the morning), that matters.

Here are the current prices:

Vista Way:
3 bedroom: $83/week (2 bathrooms and a sink in the hallway)
2 bedroom: $93/week (2 bathrooms)

4 bedroom: $88/week (2 bathrooms, 1/2 bathroom in the hallway)
3 bedroom: $88/week (3 bathrooms)
2 bedroom: $98/week (2 bathrooms)
1 bedroom: $98/week (1 bathroom, inside the bedroom)

3 bedroom: $89/week (2.5 bathrooms? I think?)
2 bedroom: $99/week (2 bathrooms)
1 bedroom: $99/week (1 bathroom)

The Commons (Only for ICPs):
4 bedroom: $93/week (2.5 bathrooms? I think?)
3 bedroom: $93/week (3 bathrooms)
2 bedroom: $105/week (2 bathrooms)
1 bedroom: $105/week (1 bathroom)

A nice guy posted these current prices on a CP Facebook page, from his orientation packet.


  1. Are these still the prices for the housing? Thanks!

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  3. Is that cost split between you and your roommates or do each of you pay $98 a week??